BlackFork South Dakota Whiskey

What Makes BlackFork Farms Bourbon Unique?

  • It is made from Indian Corn. Indian Corn is more complex and flavorful than #2 yellow corn. It contains more bran, oils, and germ.
  • The Indian Corn is Smoked Dried, using apple and cherry wood.
  • The whisky is Double Pot Distilled in small batches, providing more copper exposure and a deeper, more robust flavor.
  • It is Barrel Aged in new charred Missouri White Oak These barrels are made from three-year-air-dried staves.
  • BlackFork Farms Straight Bourbon Whisky is Single Barrel and Bottled at our South Dakota Distillery
  • The Straight Bourbon Whisky finished in Toasted Oak is finished in BlackFork’s toasted Solara Casks, adding a layer of toasty wood flavor. The finishing casks are made from American, Mongolian, and French Oak.


Growing artisan grains, smoke drying, double pot distilling, barrel aging, Solara finishing – all of these add time, labor, and expense.  We think it is worth it!  The unique flavors produced from these grains and this process are simply not available in other whiskies.


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September 24, 2021